Xna updating bounding box

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Direct X 8.0, released in November, 2000, introduced programmability in the form of vertex and pixel shaders, enabling developers to write code without worrying about superfluous hardware state.The complexity of the shader programs depended on the complexity of the task, and the display driver compiled those shaders to instructions that could be understood by the hardware.Direct3D contains many commands for 3D computer graphics rendering; however, since version 8, Direct3D has superseded the Direct Draw framework and also taken responsibility for the rendering of 2D graphics.Microsoft strives to continually update Direct3D to support the latest technology available on 3D graphics cards.Direct3D's main competitor is Khronos' Open GL and its follow-on Vulkan.Fahrenheit was an attempt by Microsoft and SGI to unify Open GL and Direct3D in the 1990s, but was eventually cancelled. Microsoft bought Render Morphics in February 1995, bringing Keondjian on board to implement a 3D graphics engine for Windows 95.

Direct3D exposes the advanced graphics capabilities of 3D graphics hardware, including Z-buffering, Integration with other Direct X technologies enables Direct3D to deliver such features as video mapping, hardware 3D rendering in 2D overlay planes, and even sprites, providing the use of 2D and 3D graphics in interactive media ties.Like other Direct X APIs, such as Direct Draw, both were based on COM.The retained mode was a scene graph API that attained little adoption.Direct3D offers full vertex software emulation but no pixel software emulation for features not available in hardware.For example, if software programmed using Direct3D requires pixel shaders and the video card on the user's computer does not support that feature, Direct3D will not emulate it, although it will compute and render the polygons and textures of the 3D models, albeit at a usually degraded quality and performance compared to the hardware equivalent.

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