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Emily Lindsey Assistant Curator & Excavation Site Director, La Brea Tar Pits & Museum My research integrates information from past and modern ecosystems to understand how Ice Age animals and environments functioned, how climate conditions and human actions intersect to drive extinctions, and to predict future ecological responses in the face of modern global change.

No other paleontological site in the world has as great a potential to answer these questions as the La Brea Tar Pits. Berkeley and the Museo Nacional de Historia Natural in Uruguay.

Staff, Research Associates, professional paleontologists, and graduate students frequent the collections throughout the year.

Today's research ranges from carbon-14 dating projects to asphalt-dwelling microbial ecology to traditional taxonomic and functional studies. The collections are available for any appropriately qualified person interested in doing formal research.

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It's a testament to his globe-trotting that Eric Hutchinson's music has soaked up such a rich backdrop of influences.

If there is an overriding theme to Eric Hutchinson's career, it's his relentless pursuit of the kind of feel-good music that will make his fans dance and sing while still managing to ponder the beauty and humor that comes from fully experiencing life.

This journey had come to a crossroads this past year, as the 35-year-old singer/songwriter/performer changed management, stripped down his sound and embraced the mantle of producer, all the while spending months working on his fourth studio album, is arguably Hutchinson's most insightful and in some ways autobiographical work, which manages to balance the profound concepts of evolving and acceptance into a relatable sonic expression.

I studied Biology at Brown University (undergraduate) and the University of California – Berkeley (Ph. I have conducted fieldwork in the United States, Antarctica, Chile, Guyana, and Ecuador, where my ongoing research program focuses on investigating the rich asphaltic fossil localities of the Santa Elena Peninsula and comparing them with our own tar pits here in California. Libby Ellwood Postdoctoral Research Fellow My ecological research occurs at the intersection of climate change, conservation, and citizen science.

I work to understand past systems while conducting contemporary research to see how these systems have changed and how they may continue to change in the future.

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