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The advice below can help you minimise the risks associated with webcams and video chatting.Skypito Kid Guard prevents Skypito users from communicating with people that have not been approved by parents. It's on our computers, our phones, our tablets and soon it will be on our gaming consoles.Some of us even have Skype integrated into our large screen televisions.While it's somewhat smaller than Adult Friend Finder, its membership is more targeted toward the cybersex niche.Many have had success in finding Skype sex contacts using this service.It has, along with Facetime, become the go to tool for video calls.When it comes to webcam sex, most use commercial services such as which use either Flash or HTML5 to stream video at high quality frame rates.

Men like these services because it's a cheap source of webcam sex.

Skypito CANNOT verify that this person is actually the one you have approved.

For safety reasons it's recommended to mark only adult relatives or close family friends as this type of buddy. Even the youngest kids can make calls, send surprises and chat with friends on their own.

Skypito is the safest communication tool available for kids.

Parents or guardians must pre-approve (white list) who kids are allowed to talk to or chat with.

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