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The initiative aims to improve the Lebanese olive oil sector involving a large part of the national territory (11 Cazas) together with 54 cooperatives and around 3.500 beneficiaries.

The Italian Embassy in Beirut has its own stand in the Trade Show, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission, gathering all diverse manifestations of the Italian presence at HORECA.

"The country is suffering a high-price fuel crisis which needs a true treatment via resorting to public transportation and alternative fuel like gas, diesel and air-generated power." As such, he went on, the government must work as soon as possible to find such alternatives; otherwise, the situation was on the verge of collapse. He, accordingly, urged that politics be always aside from the security issue. Minister of Tourism, Fadi Abboud, representing the Lebanese President, the Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon, Head of the Maronite Central Council, and a panel of bishops were at Rahi's reception at Rafik Hariri International Airport.

"All Lebanese must be keen on the military institution that protects and represents them." He thereby recalled 1974 incidents when the army had been divided only to go into a long civil war period. In response to a question about whether the impending meeting in Bkerki in April would be postponed on political backgrounds, the Patriarch said he had no information about such rescheduling, "but we are still waiting for the sub-committee reviewing the electoral law to finalize its work." Turning to Syria, the Patriarch said he would visit this neighboring country for there are three Maronite dioceses therein.

"The strength of the army, not only does it lie within its strengths and weapons, but also within its holding onto national and military principles, regardless of the existing political juncture," he said.

He called the army for more readiness and utmost professionalism and objectivity.

Qahwaji also met with soldiers and military brass and gave necessary instructions.

Wed 21/03/2012 NNA - 21/3/2012 - Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri expressed his sincere wishes to all mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Wed 21/03/2012 NNA - 21/03/2012 - Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil said Wednesday the country was suffering a high-price fuel crisis that could be solved via resorting to gas as an alternative to the benzene substance. The delegation is comprised of MPs Samir Jisr, Atef Majdalani, Hadi Hobeich, Nabil De Freij, Mohammad Hajjar, Jamal Jarrah, former Minister Tarek Mitri, Saad Hariri's office Director Nader Hariri, Mohammad Sammak and Daoud Sayegh. Charbel responded to those lambasting the Lebanese Army, by branding their attacks as political. Wed 21/03/2012 NNA - 21/3/2012 - The Maronite Patriarch, Mar Beshara Boutros Rahi, on Wednesday winded up a five-day pastoral visit in Cairo, and returned to Beirut aboard a private jet.

Following the session, Information Minister Walid Daouk relayed the cabinet's calls on the Lebanese Army to keep away from political polarizations. He added that for 2012 Italian participation in Horeca is based on a variety of brands represented either by Italian companies or by Lebanese agents.

It is also significant the institutional presence at the fair, thanks to the participation of the IMC - Mediterranean Institute of Certification and Olio del Libano.

Wed 21/03/2012 NNA - 21/3/2012 - Lebanese Army Chief, General Jean Qahwaji, on Wednesday toured a number of military battalions and units in Akkar and Ras Baalbeck, and closely inspected field measures adopted to control borders and protect citizens' security.

The military commander did not fail to hail the sacrifices made by the army in defending national frontiers, curbing infiltration and smuggling operations, and protecting civil peace from terrorism, spying, and organized crimes networks.

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