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Searching for mineral rights records means going beyond just looking at who owns the property today.

The landowner is not necessarily the owner of mineral rights.

However, the bank may overlook the transfer of the mineral rights when auctioning the property.

This means the bank might still own the mineral rights. Where mineral rights deeds give ownership for the right to mine for minerals, the royalty deed gives the owner the right to a royalty if someone else mines and produces the minerals.

Even though there are fees for labor on this search, the title company is better versed than the lay person in looking for detailed records involving mineral rights.

The title company might find something you would overlook.

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If you are looking for ideas within a two hour's drive from San Francisco, Monterey is a great choice.However, you still need to pay county clerk fees for searches and deed copies.Vacationers enjoy a combination of amazing ocean views, art galleries, hiking and whale watching on the Mendocino Coast, less than three hours' drive from the city.This chain of title should give clues as to whether an oil and gas company ever owned the property at any point, a strong clue about where to look for rights.The deed component lists the property description, liens, right-of-ways, easements and mineral rights.

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