Sexs pikhars

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My blood pressure checked out OK so I am not sure why I sweat so much. Most guys worry more about their penis size or being able to perform – we’ll save those for future blogs. Maybe not during sex, but at some point, maybe ask, “Hey, does it seem like I sweat a lot during sex?

Just like any other exercise, it will cause an increase in your heart rate and cause your body temperature to rise. Ever notice that person that has just run a marathon and is dry as the Sandhills? Everyone is built differently and everyone sweats at different times under different conditions. Science tells us the heart rate will nearly double at the height of a sexual interaction or what we call the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle (in order, the cycle is excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution – Google “Masters & Johnson sexual response” for more on this).

Sex in the far recesses of human history was generally accomplished without the aid of toys or even without the knowledge that what one was engaged in had a name.

is a party held by a man shortly before he enters marriage.

At the Polterabend, the guests break old porcelain and earthenware to bring luck to the couple's marriage.

The tradition is said to go back to pre-Christian times; by noisily breaking ceramics, evil spirits – especially spirits of envy – are supposed to be driven out.

We have an amazing capacity as humans to accept differences, including the sweaty variety.

Having embraced who you are and communicated with your partner about it, if the sweaty “hot” sex is still too much for you, a well placed fan(s) or air conditioning unit can do wonders for keeping your body cool under pressure.

So Nebraska, let’s keep this conversation about sex going!

In 1922, the term "bachelor party" was published in William Chambers's Journal of Literature, Science and Arts and was described as a "jolly old" party.

The equivalent event for the bride-to-be is known as a bachelorette party or hens' night.

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