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One thing is sure and that is that this girl really enjoys getting her pussy pounded by a large penis.

Eva has a really good facial expression when she gets stuffed by a big sausage and her moan is spectacular.

The image — and the steamy sex scene that followed — must have left an impression on Oscar voters as well, as Paltrow took home the prize for Best Actress.

Plagued with mental illness and a husband whose military career has placed tremendous strain on their marriage and happiness, you wouldn’t think that Jessica Lange would find a good deal of joy in the 1994 drama In this tragic tale of forbidden love, Holly Hunter's Ada consummates her affair with Harvey Keitel's George Baines to disastrous ends. Funnily, the same year, Hunter was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Firm.

Eva is also the porn star that looks the best with huge implants. In this scene we get to see Eva take on Steve Holmes and his huge cock.

What's really nice about this film is that we also get to see the guys give the women oral pleasure.

While the idea of a woman in her thirties seducing a teen half her age comes with a major ick factor, Winslet's nude scenes, which include her undressing and bathing, are surprisingly tender. In such times of sorrow, these kinds of passions are sought elsewhere — specifically, in the bed of Jo Beth Williams’ Phyllis Bernard, who disrobed to contribute to the roller coaster of emotions that we experienced when the film was named Best Picture in 1979.

All the girls moan like they are really horny and we even get some dirty talk, mostly from Taryn.She also uses her body in a good way when she has sex.Too bad we only get to see her from behind in the cowgirl position.She gives OK head, don't get me wrong, but to me Eva seems like the girl that should give "spectacular" head.Well, I should really see more of her movies before I make up my mind.

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