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Despite the diverse views given by different people, it would be appropriate to conclude that the two methods supplement each other.

For instance, a young man can find a sweet girl online, they agree to be friends, and then from there, they can plan for offline meetings to strengthen their bonds as well as knowing each other. Personal Connection I have much interest in this topic because I have some personal connection with it.

One study, conducted on a larger scale than the previous with 20,000 participants, found that of those who had met their partner online, they were 25% more likely to last than those who had met via traditional routes.

Also, those that did meet via traditional methods reported less satisfaction than those who had met digitally.

People will pay their bills, buy their clothes, book apartments and sometimes even study their degrees online, so why should online dating be any different?

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It can also be through “connections” where a friend refers someone to a person seeking a partner.

This same website found, from a study of 4,000 couples, that those who had entered a relationship via first meeting face-to-face were found to be more stable.

However, over studies have found that this just isn't the case.

One in five relationships within the UK now start online, and at least half of people in America know someone that uses online dating.

Some studies, such as one conducted by e Harmony in their 2015 Relationship Study, found that in Australia 22% of singles have met their partner online, falling just short of the traditional means of meeting through mutual friends (24%).

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