Middlesex probate and family court 208 cambridge st

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If you are not sure, thereis a list posted each day at the court with the information.It is not a bad idea to check this anyway, just in case there have been any changes. in the car ahead of time to avoid having to go back to drop them off.

The other party will follow the opening party, calling upon witnesses one by one for testimony and cross-examination.

My advice is to let the morning rush pass, and call sometime after a.m.

When call volume is high or when court staff are busy helping people at court, then you may be able to leave a message, but other times you will just have to try again.

Documents will be introduced and either admitted into or excluded from evidence.

After the last document and the last word of the testimony are submitted, each side will then take turns presenting a closing argument. Of course, schedules vary quite a bit depending on what is going on and the Judge's schedule.

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