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Most of the products contain: almonds, soy beans, black beans and walnuts, but be careful if you have problems with milk, because sometimes they put milk powder in it to be more smoothy. One of these sweets was Oliver’s favourite, not to mention our Hungarian friend, who wanted to import it to Hungary, because he and his wife just fell in love with it. You can find American cafés (Starbucks and its replicas: Angel, Tom Tom, Café Bene etc.) in every 10 meters or Bakeries with fancy, milky stuff with whipped cream everywhere. They are addicts of the 1000 kcal Frappuccino or Cappuccinos, just like the Americans. Once in Seoul’s centre I became so nervous, because I didn’t find any place with plant-based milk, despite I tried in minimum ten other one!(A dietary comment: If you care, these are full of sugars! To my surprise, somehow in that area, there wasn’t any Starbucks, or I just didn’t see any.Szabó Istváné), mert valami filmfesztiválnak ad helyet, majd elbandukoltunk a nagy Yongdusan Parkba a kilátótoronyhoz, körbe volt rakva szerelmes lakatokkal.(Még Demszky Gábor táblára vésett jókívánságát is megtaláltuk!So I guess, I can say the Korean elders are not nice people with foreigners.(One more taxi driver story to this: sometimes – probably older drivers – just to avoid the foreigners’ problem, didn’t stop to pick us up even though they were free.Nor, does it help if you are prepared with a Korean address or map either... ” and after only 300 meters, he stopped the car and started to call somebody for help, but the fee clock was on already, of course.

Pusan: Which I liked more, because of the beautiful beaches and bridges, you can visit in the centre the Gukje Market, BIFF Square with hand printes, Yongdusan Parkba with the tower or you can go up to the hill to watch the beautiful temple. Ezeket szezámolajjal, doenjanggal (erjesztett szójabab paszta), szójaszósszal, gyömbérrel és gochujanngal (piros chili paprika) tálalják.

Cukorba mártott almáktól/eprektől kezdve, szárított halas cuccokon át a sült bogárig minden!

), aztán a BIFF téren hírességek kézlenyomataiba botlottunk (pl.

Eleinte azt gondoltam, nehezebb lesz „top“ anyagot írni róla, de végül csak belendültem!

Hisz‘ 1,5 évig ugyanúgy jártunk ott minden cruise alatt, mint Kínában és Japánban, de már nem kötünk ki, mivel a vízum megtagadásával nem engedik be utasainkat.

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