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What, too of the fate of the existing well-crafted limestone fireplace, with a Liscannor stone hearth?

Sherry Fitz say it was made by a mason who’d trained with famed Cork stonemason and sculptor Seamus Murphy.

Given uncertainty and even economic confidence wobbles in some mid-market residential sales outside of a rapidly re-heated Dublin area, due to external factors such as Brexit and Trump carry-on, the sales progress and future fortunes of a ‘place with potential’ like Poulgorm will be one to watch as, once purchased and reinvested in, it’s likely to be a €1m-plus spend all-in.VERDICT: One to watch as a confidence barometer if nothing else.Look beyond the unfurnished house to see the good bones that do, indeed, lie beneath a dated decor, and Murray kitchen.It has downhill access past the Maryborough House Hotel to Douglas village, and city ring road/N28 access, just the far side of Lissadell.A few doors away, the Price Register shows a house called Kaduna as having made €1.24 million in 2013; dating to the late 1960s, Kaduna had previously transacted at market height and in ‘original’ condition in 2007, for €1.4m.

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