Live bisexual chat for teens

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You’re not by default greedy, confused, or dishonest. There’s nothing wrong with being bi.”To hear more from these awesome young people and to join the conversation, head to Twitter at 7 p.m. You may be here because you searched "I think I'm gay" or "I think I'm bisexual". If you need support with understanding your sexuality, or help when you're decided when and how to come out to your friends and family, 7 Cups is here for you.Today I use the terms bisexual and queer to identify my sexuality.” In addition to hosting groundbreaking Twitter chats, these five teenagers are all involved in activism with their schools and communities.

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“Identifying as bisexual is also liberating in the sense that we’re reclaiming a term that was wrongly used to describe our identity as a mental illness in the DSM III.The rise of self-love within our communities that I have seen in both real life and social media is incredibly remarkable.” They said they never knew about bisexuality while growing up in a conservative Latino family and they hope to help other young people avoid that feeling of isolation.These young people are proud to be bi, and they have deep understanding of bisexual history and activism.That feels especially poignant on Bi Visibility Day.“I feel that it’s important to spread awareness about my experiences as a bisexual teen because I think that a lot of bi teens share similar experiences.

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