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Next, I want to direct the conversation to Clive and his constant reminders about Energy Gapped machines and their possible infiltration of data.

I just ran into a case of a client who bought a semi-old Dell laptop with a physical switch for Wifi card and Bluetooth card and even shutting down the antenna.

Beaked whales, living off the coasts of Ireland, feed on squid.

As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. Tags: squid Posted on December 1, 2017 at PM • 109 Comments • December 1, 2017 PM https://com/2017/12/01/Political allegations of mental illness -- i.e., sickness of the mind -- in real life, these go straight in the Brady Bill mentally ill persons registration database where you are listed with a black triangle as a "prohibited person" for life and then they "legally" (not as legally as they think) steal your money, property, rights, and freedom.

Even after a sentence is handed down after a period of 2-3-4 years in prison sometimes these things are adjusted for cooperation or good behavior or xyz. For comparison Jared Kushner faces a firing squad, THEORETICALLY. That's if he doesn't break himself and give up the golden goose. I doubt that some of the folks prosecuted under the above laws would agree that these penalties are a "snap/slap".... That guy does not have a job at top-secret government agency. I get the feeling the real "P-ing Contest" is between US IC entities and Kaspersky is "just a useful idiot" in the whole process. 3, They are not "compliant" unlike US "and friends" AV companies. What they count on is the paper trail itself, that's almost always going to tell them exactly where to look.

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I'm not accusing her of anything, I'm reading what she's admitted. She deserves punishment not for her motive but because what she did was reckless and put people at risk.That's the part of this that seems the least plausible to me without knowing more. and Jon Knows Nothing “Don't forget to add the other bit of info from El Reg about the CIA forging Kaspersky Certs from earlier last month, https:// Oh and of course those supposadly condeming screen shots from the Israelis”-Clive R I think Clive is correct it is more than a two sided fight.Think about the FUD from the Wall Street Journal and Wa Po.” Then I did some research and it seems that Dell laptop power block actually contain a small chip with one unshielded wire to indicate to the BIOS and the OS that the power being fed to the machine was not from a Dell authenticated power block.It appears to be a legacy checking system mostly to designed to keep Dells customers buying their junk power blocks.

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