Htc evo friend stream not updating

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In this article I will concentrate on the major areas that have proven effective in my own usage.

User settings Android lets the user customize the look and feel of the home screens, and phones with HTC Sense even more so.

If your phone has an ambient light sensor it’s usually good to use it, as it will keep the backlight turned down based on conditions.

System settings Android is a very powerful OS, and Google (s goog) has made just about every aspect of the system operation configurable by the user.

Other settings that apply to any phone apply to Android too, such as screen brightness.

Keep your brightness turned down as low as comfortable as this is a big power drain.

As nice as pretty interfaces can be, some of them will hit the processor (and thus battery) harder than others.

The Live Wallpaper is one such feature — animated desktops are cool but they drain the battery faster so go with the old school non-moving wallpaper.

This means the battery is being drained even when it doesn’t look like anything is happening.

It’s good to get in the habit of turning off the individual functions unless they are being used. If you’re in a 3G coverage area, also turn off the 4G.

The same is true for the GPS and Bluetooth — unless you are actively using them keep them turned off. Android has some system settings that can be set to maximize battery life, and these are not always intuitive.

This is not always the case when the goal is to stretch battery life as long as possible.

The EVO 4G has special capabilities that can have an impact on battery life.

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