Devout christian dating atheist

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When I looked up I found one of my girl students, her shirt and bra pulled up over her chest, laying under me as she stared up at me with brown eyes and flushed cheeks.I looked down to find my hands firmly pressed upon her small budding breasts and I quickly recoiled, pulling my hands away.Each time I felt myself getting angrier and angrier.I eventually complained to the vice principal of the school who informed me it's simply something children do. And sure enough, the antics of the school children blew over once they got to know me.Meanwhile, the girl beneath the stairwell pulled down her clothes and casually stepped out into the hall with us.All the girls turned as Kanda sensei approached and when he saw them giggling he ordered them to get back to cleaning.

Which was practically just as bad as actually being falsely accused as one.

I went the rest of the year without another incident.

If it would have continued, I would have certainly mentioned it.

I knew that if I came clean with what had actually happened the girls could team up against me and lie about what had occurred, claiming that I attacked them and molested them.

I knew they were all close friends and so would protect each other--if push came to shove--and being minors I could lose my job.

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