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The beauties on the other hand, include an NBA model, an aspiring fashion designer, and a life-size Barbie model.

They have the bodies and the looks and could have any guy they wanted, but are dumb as a sack of nickels. geography, she can't name the state east of West Virginia.

“On these shows, they want to have people that you like, and people that you don’t like.

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“It just sort of fell into my lap, really.”Dern has an endearing sense of humor, but he fully recognizes how much his popularity was contingent on the production of the show.“They portrayed me very favorably,” he says.

“It’s been a lot of time for reflection,” he says of his time on the show.

I have to confess that I usually detest reality television.

In a climactic final speech that was highly critical of Gahr, Dern essentially offered the winning prize of 0,000 to contestants Alan D. The tactic worked: Dern and Gahr walked away empty-handed.“I’m happy that Scooter won. His teammate was predictably less thrilled by the outcome.“She’s a little upset at me right now. “I’m hoping we’ll still be friends.”But he’s quick to note that their conflict was largely a figment of the producers’ imaginations.“Even though Cecille is portrayed negatively on the show, in some ways she’s the most honest one,” Dern says. ”As Dern himself once proclaimed on the show, it can.

In addition to dramatics with Gahr, Dern engaged in a reality television show-mance with co-star and model/actress Jennylee Berns.

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