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“We are focused entirely on our users and our roadmap, but at the same time we take inspiration from everyone else out there, dating apps and non-dating apps,” said Rad.

I asked Rad if the data points added to the new algorithm are simply the addition of employment or education status, or if that includes more technical data points like how many times someone swipes through a particular profile, how long they spend looking at the picture, and whether or not they investigate the user’s Instagram profile.One a very personal and human side, represented by hand-drawn characters — the match that is being made by the algorithm.And then a technical side, represented by the 3D words and the heart transitions.Still, one could imagine that Tinder can pay attention to various preferences of their users, such as a user’s propensity to swipe right on girls who like whiskey or guys who use emojis in their profile.When I asked him if the photos uploaded to Tinder are analyzed for things light eye color, skin color, hair color, etc., he said the following: “I can’t reveal if we do this, but it’s something we think a lot about.

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