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They don't know how she got there, and she doesn't, either. 20 ; on opening night with reception INFO: (732) 229-3166 All of the action in Sessa's latest play, "The Girl With the High Rouge" -- beginning performances this week at the New Jersey Repertory Theatre in Long Branch -- takes place on board a sailboat docked at the end of a long pier.She doesn't even know who she is, and even the playwright doesn't give us a final answer." When patrons enter the Shore-based theater, many will find their usual seats have been displaced by the 29-foot-long, 9-foot-wide boat. It centers on a young woman who can't remember her past and her late-night encounter with a father and his two grown sons who live on board the boat.Being drawn into the fantasy world of these characters, one can almost find themselves feeling what they felt. There are some interesting developments within the story that won't be revealed, so as not to spoil the fun.The New Jersey Repertory Company should be commended for bringing these original works to the theatre.Ryan, who hid from life through literature, was portrayed by Ken Wiesinger.Lenny Bart portrayed Gabriel, who became jealous every time Piper directed her attention to one of the other men.All of the actors captured the personalities of their characters.

Because this is such an allegorical play, I just didn't want to be that literal." Hall also assured Barabas that, even with building additional platforms for seats, his conception would not cost more than any of his previous sets.The set of the play, which dominates the action, is an artfully constructed wooden deck of the ship, complete with hatches and entryways that enable the actors to disappear from view to further the action. Andy Hall can claim to be one of the few set designers who is playing with a full deck.The set is so huge that the company was forced to abandon the normal proscenium stage and perform like a circle, or a rectangle, in-the-round; and limiting slightly the number of seats for the audience as ably directed by Stewart Fisher; and the small cast of four includes Lenny Bart and Ken Wiesinger as the two brothers, Barney Fitzpatrick as their father, and Liz Zazzi as the innocently seductive cause of it all. The Girl with the High Rouge 07/28/00 By Peter Filichia STAFF WRITER Where: New Jersey Repertory Company, 179 Broadway, Long Branch When: Through Aug. Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m. When the Red Bank resident was enlisted to design "The Girl with the High Rouge" at New Jersey Repertory Company, he learned that the action would take place on board a boat. He had previously provided the troupe with a rustic cabin for "Ends," a suburban Texas home for "North Fork," and a porno bookstore for "Adult Fiction." But this time he felt he was in over his head."We'd just have a short, squat boat," Suz Anne Barabas, the theater's artistic director, had speculated."The brothers would be much too close to each other." "I thought of putting the bow in the distance," says Hall, "but (director) Stewart (Fisher) wasn't comfortable with that.

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